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Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting to Know Your Host Volume 3 of 5: Joe Smith

In the past few months, it has come to the attention of the boys in Plan B Studio that some of the people out there would like to know a little bit more about their Zombie vs Shark hosts. After some discussion, the gang finally put something together and…well…you know what they say, be careful what you wish for!
The addition of Joe to the show was a funny one for Jaye and Tony. The guys had discussed the idea of bringing on another member to open up the areas of discussion, another opinion and someone else that can be there if either of the guys wanted/needed a break (sometimes they get sick too, contrary to what they might say they are not super men). However, since his arrival to Plan B Studio, Joe’s influence on the show has been so amazing that neither of the guys want to miss an episode. Also, Joe seems to be the one who falls ill, what with his random animal diseases. Before you tune in to Get to Know Your Host Vol. 3 of 5, check out his answers to the preliminary questions.

Do you have any nude or ‘risqué’ photos on your phone? If so, are any of them of YOU? No.
What is your favorite weather? Spring weather.
What would be your super power? Invisibility.

If you would like to get involved in this discussion or any others that we have had or will have, drop us a line at zombievs.shark@yahoo.com or you can contact us on Twitter @ZombievsShark. For a real adventure you can also follow each host of the show Joe (@ElihuSmails1978), Jaye (@jayeofmanyhats) and Tony (@yaggles23). Hope to hear from you all!

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Further On - Bronze Radio Return

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