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Friday, August 9, 2013

Stockton-Khaaaaan! 2013 Has Arrived

We wish to start off by thanking Mike Millerick and his amazing group of people that contributed to making this second annual Stockton Con such an amazing event. Like last year, the entire ZvS family enjoyed every second of the event.  It was great to see all the fans in attendance and all of the great costumes from a wide range of genres. We ourselves got into the action as DC villains, check out more of our photos over on our Facebook page.
But enough about us, you wandered over to our site to check out our newest episode, 'Stockton-Khaaaaan! 2013' which is available now of course. Just click on the link below to hear our conversations with several of the amazing artists, wonderful celebrities and awesome vendors that were in attendance at this year's con. Check out some of the fun pics below and click on the links to see more of their work or where they may be appearing next. Enjoy the show all and we hope to see you at next year's Stockton Con!

Stockton-Khaaaaan! 2013

Ramon Villalobos

                      That's Showbiz!
                 Shows - Studio - Store
              Kevin and Elizabeth Costello

         The Original comic
 Sean Miller & Travis Compton
             Anchor Comics

               Chunky Girl Comics
                   Marisa Garcia


                                  Jean Gomez


                  Jon Provost
            Timmy's in the Well


                                     Kevin Dobson


                           Richard Hatch

                        Tom Pressler
                     The Zombie Club

           JD Arnold
Zombies vs Cheerleaders
       The Final Plague

               Grapevine Comics
     9299 Thornton Road, Suite 4
                  Stockton, CA

             Mark Dos Santos

*All photography for Zombie vs Shark by John Yang

                    Jaye or Bizarro, post interview with News10 at Stockton Con 2013

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