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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time to Talk Comic Books

The boys are very excited to finally bring one of their good friends and big comic book fan, Mike Kiley, into Plan B Studios for some long over due comic talk.  Mike is an avid comic book lover and one of the funniest guys that Jaye and Tony know.  With just over two weeks left until Stockton-Con (Sunday, August 4); the guys really wanted to get to the heart of why people will gather together in an array of costumes for a day of fun.
Why do we enjoy comics?  Which of the wildly outlandish characters do we hold dear?  Is there a particular comic you always look out for or need to complete your collection?  Tune in now and begin to dive into the joys of what comic books and the characters that leap right from the pages bring to us all.  So pick your world and tune in now.

ZvS welcomes Mike Kiley

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