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Saturday, January 21, 2012

You're gonna love it in an instant...part duex

During our holiday break I watched (and rewatched) a ton of stuff on Netflix Instant Watch, so I figured it was about time to give you all another quick rundown of what's available (good or bad) on Netflix. So just like my mini reviews I gave you in July of 2011 here I am gonna give you my “Instant Reviews” (3 sentences or less on each films)

Yes I know it's a chick flick but Natalie Portman is so damn sweet in this film it will make your teeth ache. I unique little love story with some down home charm. And even had me a little teary in moments.

This flick is all about the sound design. It is disturbing and digs into your brain with the way it manipulates sound. Yes as a horror flick it sometimes falls a little flat, and the "twist" ending was unnecessary. But it has so creepy moments and some decent acting. 

One of my favorite action flicks to pop on on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Yes you can easily tell it was a 90's (early 90s at that) flick. But some fun action, cheesy on-liners and the young (and very hot) Sandra Bullock doesn't hurt either. Plus add in Dennis Leary being...well Dennis Leary and I will watch it again. 

Grumpy old men in spaaaaccceeee! I love this flick. Mainly because I love the four main actors. Sure it's such an unlikely concept that you do a double take but it's not meant to be much more than a fun little ride. 

Forget THIS film. Interchangeable characters with nothing making them stand out from the pack, but maybe that was done on purpose. This very low budget horror flick seemed to have spent it's whole budget on the somewhat creepy ghost effects, where it should've done a rewrite or 2 on the script.

Heath Ledger, Alan Tudyk, Mark Addy and Paul Betney in one movie? Sold! This flick has some cool shots, some witty dialogue and some terrific performances so how come it gets lost in the shuffle? Mainly the use of modern music for a period piece is what some folks complain about. I loved the concept, in fact the Golden Years scene is spot on music design.

I forgot how long this movie was. It has some great performances but if you know nothing about the true events this flicks is based on it does fall short of your expectations.

Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are two of the funniest guys working, and they prove it in this horror/comedy. This is a great take of the teen slasher flicks of the 80s and 90s with such a hilarious twist that if you only watch one movie on Netflix all year just rewatch this one over and over.

I liked this movie a lot more than I was expecting to. This says it's an action comedy but it should just be labeled Dark Comedy. Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter) does a great job and Bill Nighy is amazing in everything he does. Sadly the soundtrack is not available in the US so fans of ZvS in England please send me a copy. 

You can love or hate Family Guy and everything else Mr. MacFarlane has done but you have got to give props to this man's pipes. Channeling Dean-O Seth gives you a fun, light-hearted good old-fashioned lounge show. Seriously downloaded several of his songs moments after watching.

Solid performances in this gothic undead tale. Funny in moments, creepy at times this just delivered a good movie.

Micahel Caine as a retired British military officer who decides to :clean up: his rough neighborhood. Far better than the American GRAND TURINO which has basically the same storyline, Harry Brown is a sad story with fucking brilliant performances all around.

You are thrown right into the world of this flick and have to play a little catch up. But it's worth it. Chris Pine and Piper Perabo do some great work. The story is a bit weak at times. But the concept is worth the watch.

If you haven't done yourself the favor of watches this then stop reading now and turn it on. Ryan Reynolds best performance (so far) in my opinion, plus Melissa McCarthy is hilarious and heart-breaking. I am not a Hope Davis fan so could've done with recasting her. But a fun mind-fuck flick.

All these flicks are available on Netflix Instant Watch so go check them out (or don’t) for yourself. Remember this is just my two cents, spend it as you see fit.

Friday, January 13, 2012

No, We Will NOT Go Away!

     If you thought 2011 was a banner year for Zombie vs Shark, just wait until you hear what we have in store for you this season.  The four of us strolled into Plan B Studios for the start of our third season and we kicked it all off by adding two new films to Movie Jail!
     We offer up and discuss a dozen awful, truly horrible films but in the end only two got in. Hear our debate and see if you can come up with some films worse than the two we added. We will gladly review your suggestions.
     So we have indeed shook off any rust and preparing to really spread our wings in the upcoming season.  Thank you for sticking with us after our time off, we appreciate those who stuck it out and welcome our new listeners out there.  We hope you enjoy this week's offering 'You've Been Warned' and check back often for new material posted right here on our website.


If you would like to get involved in this discussion or any others that we have had or will have, drop us a line at zombievs.shark@yahoo.com or you can contact us on Twitter@ZombievsShark. For a real adventure you can also follow each host of the show Elynnes (@ElynnesParx), Joe (@ElihuSmails1978), Jaye (@jayeofmanyhats) and Tony (@yaggles23). Hope to hear from you all!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Here's How You're Suppose To Feel

     With our final offering before the amazing third season of Zombie vs Shark, Jaye and Joe sit down to discuss music...but this time they focus of film scores.  What gets your motor going? Is it the slow rise of eminent danger from JAWS? The thumping beat of the Imperial march from STAR WARS? Perhaps images of fast cars, hot women and dry martini's as the James Bond theme swells?
     Whatever film scores you hold dear or that stand out in your mind as beautiful, breathtaking, imposing, adrenaline racing or fear invoking kick back and listen to the guys discuss their favorites and see if you match up.  Also, stick around because next week the entire crew will be back for the kickoff of the new season...so stay tuned!


  1. Dick Tracy Theme- Danny Elfman
  2. The Incredits- Michael Giacchino
  3. Hedwig’s Theme- John Williams
  4. Theme from Twisted Nerve- Bernard Herrman
  5. Forrest Gump Suite- Alan Silverstri
  6. Winger’s Theme- Elmer Bernstein
  7. Prologue to JFK- John Williams
  8. The Lunchbox Has Landed- Anne Dudley
  9. The Godfather Waltz- Nina Rota & Henry Mancini
  10. Somewhere in Time- John Barry
  11. American Beauty- Thomas Newman
  12. Memories (Someone We’ll Never Know)- Clint Mansell
  13. Psycho Boy Jack- The Dust Brothers
  14. Davy Jones- Hans Zimmer
  15. Superman Title- John Williams
  16. Live Free or Die Hard- Marco Beltrami
  17. The Flying Theme from E.T.- John Williams

If you would like to get involved in this discussion or any others that we have had or will have, drop us a line at zombievs.shark@yahoo.com or you can contact us on Twitter@ZombievsShark. For a real adventure you can also follow each host of the show Elynnes (@ElynnesParx), Joe (@ElihuSmails1978), Jaye (@jayeofmanyhats) and Tony (@yaggles23). Hope to hear from you all!

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