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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Did He Scare You?

When the news that one of the Masters of Horror passed away reached Plan B Studio, the gang immediately dropped what they were working on and began revisiting the work of Wes Craven. Tune in now to hear how his work impacted the lives of the gang as well as the entire genre of horror. Now is a great time to re-hash Craven's films, beyond even the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. With Halloween rapidly approaching check out some of his other works, like the guys recommended triple feature of Swamp Thing, Shocker, and Cursed! Still not sold on the idea? Then listen and join in to the Bubblegum Chaos!

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This week's music:

Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus (Performed terribly by your ZvS gang)
Tick Tock - Ke$ha (Performed wonderfully by Sexy Sara)

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