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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Talk with Stupid Flanders & Hooray for Our Side

In a furthering effort to bring our listeners the newest and very best in entertainers at the top of their perspective fields we sent our very own JayeOfManyHats deep into the underbelly of Rock and/or Roll to interview the band at the forefront of the “Skaternative” movement, STUPID FLANDERS.
Fullerton, California's own punk/ska “bad” boys let Jaye in for a closer look at their Northern California World Tour. The guys from STUPID FLANDERS gave our listeners a double treat by bringing along their “sister” band HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE to the interview.
On a technical note you may hear some echoey moments in this interview (there was 11 people in a tiny room) as well as a small clicky sound throughout the episode, if it really bothers you please send us a small donation so we may upgrade our equipment so we may bring you bigger and even better interviews.
And if you are in a giving mood head on over to www.stupidflanders.bandcamp.com and for a simple $4 you can get a digital download of STUPID FLANDERS first EP release.

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