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Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's the Buzz? Tell Me What's a-Happenin'

The gang addresses some long overdue pop culture news and more in this week's 'pop'pourri episode Slick Rick It Is. Sexy Sara returns to Plan B Studio and joins the guys and they hear what's been on Timmy Sims mind as well as discuss the upcoming X-Files mini-series. Also, talk about disaster films and video games of yester-year come up this week.
No shortage of topics as they Zombie vs Shark bounces from news story to news story. Some sad, some fun and even some 'what'? So as usual, make yourself comfortable and tune in to ZvS for more pop culture fun!

If you would like to get involved in this discussion or any others that we have had or will have, drop us a line at zombievs.shark@yahoo.com or you can contact us on Twitter @ZombievsShark. For a real adventure you can also follow each host of the show Joe (@ElihuSmails1978), Jaye (@jayeofmanyhats) and Tony (@yaggles23). Hope to hear from you all!

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This week's music:

The Heist - X Ambassadors
Every Other Freckle - alt-J

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