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Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Halloween Run-up Ep #4

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Fear. Fear leads to dark places. Fear runs wild with the imagination. Fear fuels irrational behavior.
We fear what we do not understand, and in some cases, we use it...to make a movie! Welcome to the fourth installment of Zombie vs Shark's 2014 run-up to Halloween! As we near the end of this year's series, the guys decide to discuss the 'accidental' classic monsters.
This episode gets broken down into two types of monsters, both are heavyweights. The first, is the kind that was created in a lab. Lots of liquids boiling on bunsen burners, and traveling through funny shaped glass. While the other, is a result of *gasp* the nuclear age! Mutants, mongoloids, nature gone wild (yes, pun very much intended).
But as you tune in, you begin to understand how both instances are taken from humanities real life fears. It goes beyond the fear of what's lurks in the dark. We have monsters right in our face, disguised as some sort of new and amazing drug or a revolutionary new technology that will infinitely improve our lives. It has gone beyond what has come before, but the a question still remains...will I be ready for the Surprise in my Backyard?

...without the other
You can't have one...

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This week's music:

Invisible Man - Mark Aaron James
Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult
Radioactive In the Dark (mashup) - Madison Cardoza

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