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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mini-Con? Would You Like to Know More?

     Surprise! Surprise!  We say it twice because the boys of Zombie vs Shark are giving you, the fans, a new show during their hiatus (Surprise! #1).  More importantly, they sat down with Mike Millerick to learn more about the upcoming Stockton Holiday Mini-Con; December 16 at the Spanos Center (10am-5pm...Surprise! #2).  Mike offers the fans of ZvS and Con fans everywhere some insight into how the Mini-Con came about as well as what fans may find when they attend.
     As always, you can find more information and updates about all things Stockton-Con or Mini-Con as well as adding your thoughts by going to Stockton-Con or to their Facebook page.  Fans can also follow them on twitter.  Enjoy the interview folks, and keep checking back for more stuff the guys in Plan B Studios.

Mike Millerick talks Mini-Con

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