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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Following Preview is Intended for All Audiences

     How do you decide which movies you want to go see and which ones to avoid?  There are many ways to come to a decision: word of mouth, critics picks, award nominees/winners, which ever ones your friends want to see.  This episode 'Don't Judge Me' the boys look at how the studio tries to get butts in the seats! Be it trailer, poster or tagline...listen in on some of the films that sucked in your hosts over the years and which ones may have fallen flat.
     Unfortunately, like the last episode, the boys will be missing the man (if you don't count height), the myth (a lot of rumors swirl around Plan B), the legend (in his own head) Joe Smith...but unlike last time, Jaye and Tony go at it alone and for the first time in a long time the two banter back and forth like in the days gone by.  So quit reading this already and download the newest episode now to fall into the scintillating conversation that awaits.

Don't Judge Me

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This week's music:

Every Cuss Word We Know - Stuckey & Murray
Come What May - Ewan MacGregoer
In The Movies - Alien Ant Farm

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