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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Mind of a ZvS Host

     Who knows what deviant thoughts lurk inside a Zombie vs Shark host.  What farfetched musings rattle within their brains.  What fantasmical sights they see when they close their eyes?  Simply download this week's episode, 'Don't Stifle That Dingbat' and get what many did not ask for...insight into our minds!
     However, you will have to continue to wait to find out what Joe has rolling around in his noggin, as he was not in studio this episode because of yet another animal related disease.  At least that's what the rest of the ZvS crew believes what the problem is.


If you would like to get involved in this discussion or any others that we have had or will have, drop us a line at zombievs.shark@yahoo.com or you can contact us on Twitter @ZombievsShark. For a real adventure you can also follow each host of the show Elynnes (@ElynnesParx), Joe (@ElihuSmails1978), Jaye (@jayeofmanyhats) and Tony (@yaggles23). Hope to hear from you all!

Stay classy and thanks for stopping by! 

This week's music:

Baby Please Make a Change - Hugh Laurie & Tom Jones
Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine
The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground

All music from the show is available on iTunes -  http://www.apple.com/itunes/?cid=OAS-US-DOMAINS-itunes.com

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